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Indian River Moulding and Millwork is inspired by a number of turn of the century (c. 1900) furniture and woodworking factories. These factories often had their own retail stores located in or next to the factories themselves.

This model represents a factory producing a (then common) combination of doors, windows, architectural moulding, and furniture. Many of these factories survive today as industrial space, office space, retail shops, and even apartments. This complex will fit nicely in any scene from the late 19th-century onward.

HO Scale.

Kit Includes These Parts:

Main Building:

4 x wall (2 window walls, 2 freight door walls)

2 x end walls

2 x powerhouse walls

2 x window sprues

4 x roof panels

1 x detail sprue (stairs, roof vents, etc)

1 x laser cut doors (4 end doors, 2 attic doors)


2 x wall (1 window wall, 1 freight door wall)

2 x end walls

1 x roof

1 x window sprue

1 x overhead walkway

Laser cut false front, fascia boards, corbels, roof, doors


6 x Tichy freight door

Plaster details: (steps, loading dock, water tank with roof and base, and a stone smokestack)

Styrene stock (for foundation, bracing, and additional uses as desired. See instructions.)