About Us

Railway Design Associates is a company started in 1991 by Rod Guthrie, a designer, artist and train buff.  As an avid modeler, he believed he could design some buildings that were rich in character and would fill the need for a craftsman-type kit.

Railway Design Associates began producing structures in 1991 in Monson, MA with the Buzzard's Bay Tower (similar to the BR&P Tower) and has had a website selling kits since 1999. In the years creating our own line, Rod and RDA produced most of the prototype for Lionel Trains, Inc. and for a few years was the Head of Design and Development there. RDA also produced some major layouts, including the Lionel showroom in NYC, and a christmas layout at Kidde City, then the largest toy store in NYC, complete with a scale model of the Flatiron building.  We also have had the privilege of working with some great craftsman modelers who advised and helped on the kits over the years.

After Rod passed away in 2006, we (Carole, his wife, Matthew and Michael, his sons) decided to keep the RDA line going, as our kids grow up,  as a tribute to their grandfather's vision of creating structures for the modeler that are evocative of trackside buildings, mills, and stations, all dedicated to detail. Our structures are injection molded plastic and in the stone buildings, each stone was "laid", or carved, into the molds individually.  Many of our RDA kits suggest New England mills and factories and depots, but could be used on any layout. 

This year, we have designed and developed several new kits, an HO 3-stall Stone Roundhouse and a new factory complex, the Indian River Moulding and Millwork, also in HO. And we have several more planned and in the pipeline.

Yours truly,

Railway Design Associates